German media believe pseudo-experts bloggers about downed Ukraine Malaysian Boeing

Based in their reports on the findings of the incompetent "experts", the German media have become an instrument of anti-Russian propaganda, writes Die Propagandaschau. Accusing Russia of "falsification" of data about the crash an airliner MH 17, self-proclaimed "experts" site Bellingcat admit blunders than discredit themselves and the Western press.

According to Die Propagandaschau, German media continue to spread lies and disinformation about the conflict in Ukraine."The scheme of manipulation of public opinion in the Ukrainian conflict is no different from what can be seen in Syria: there is a one-sided accusations, demonization and harassment against one of the parties to the conflict to hide or justify warmongering its part", - quotes the author InoTV material.

These aviation experts such as Peter Hayzenko or well-known journalists such as Seymour Hersh, do not speak to the media, because their data contradicts Western propaganda, the author writes Die Progandaschau. The statements of witnesses who saw MH 17 near or provide convincing evidence, completely ignored. The "evidence" becomes incompetent "expertise" bloggers Bellingcat site without any special education.

For example, the newspaper Der Spiegel wrote: "These forensic analysis: it is obvious that the Kremlin rigged crash photos MH 17 satellite ... According to experts, the Kremlin used the program Photoshop». June 1 German TV station ARD reported: "After the crash Malaysian Airlines MH 17 in eastern Ukraine there are more evidence pointing to the fact that the Russian government has implemented the manipulation of evidence in relation to the material. The Russian Defense Ministry showed satellite images, according to which the plane was shot Ukrainian missiles. According to the British news site, some of the images were processed and fabricated. " In turn, the German television station ZDF on the same day repeated the words of the ARD "experts" and "Russian manipulation."

As explained by the author DiePropagandaschau, «what bloggers site Bellingcat allegedly found in his" court "analysis - is the usual format data EXIF, which by default inserted into each processed document." "Experts" ignore the fact that the images obtained from the satellite are stored in the format of RAW, which is the usual photo editors can not open. It goes without saying that their size and format are processed, and that if necessary, add comments, and text. "Thus, the" experts "make a scandal out of absolutely normal things," - emphasizes the author of Die Propagandaschau.

In addition, c by the service Google Earth «experts" also try to prove that the date of taking pictures was "faked" Russian. It is doubtful for two reasons, the author of the material: first, Russian would risk immediately be charged by the real experts from the United States, and second, Google Earth images of themselves is not exactly dated.

Dr. Neal Kravets, the creator of the program FotoForensics, which used the site Bellingcat, confirmed that the bloggers have made the wrong conclusions. "Thus, the blog Bellingcat been pure propaganda, and German television channels ARD and ZDF carried very real disinformation, using sources such frivolous" - sums up the author of the material.

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